Beiseker resident and co-owner of Snyder Enterprises, Trevor Snyder and his brother had hoped to make use of their Labour Day Long weekend, especially since neither of the brothers takes many days off from work. Unfortunately, their absence attracted the wrong kind of attention.  

"We have a towing company in the area, plus an auto repair shop. Obviously, someone knew that we weren't in the area and they decided to go into the back storage yard of our shop and help themselves to some of our towing equipment." 

Snyder estimates that close to $1,000 dollars of property was stolen between September 2 and September 3 and while the Airdrie/Beiseker integrated RCMP detachment is currently investigating the theft. Snyder said the ordeal has been disappointing, to say the least. 

"I mean you work really hard and you dedicate your life to the community and just trying to do the best job that you can. You think I can walk away for a day or two to relax, and take some time off... It's just one of those things where it makes you a little bit weary of even leaving the business and taking time off after something like this." 

He underlined that the items were mostly tools that their business uses for towing purposes, something he says is meant to help people, which is a passion of his. He estimated that in the summer months of July and August, his business has responded to well over 400 calls for roadside assistance.  

"Everyone that we've encountered for most of our total calls, usually they're pretty happy to see us. It's one of those industries where you can actually get up in the morning and go to work and you make a difference," Snyder said. "That's all about being able to serve your community and help people." 

Synder's dedication to his work has been tested more than once. In January 2020, he narrowly escaped tragedy when a semi-trailer ran into the back of his tow truck as he was trying to assist another stranded motorist. The driver of the trailer was killed and the near-death incident prompted him to be a vocal proponent of Bill 207, the Traffic Safety (Tow Truck Warning Lamps) Amendment Act to allow blue lights on tow trucks. 

With regards to the burglary, while it may not have been nearly as traumatic as the collision in 2020, Snyder said that if someone had been so desperate to steal equipment from his store, there may have been a better way to go about it. 

"If they actually knew who we were, or asked us, we are the kind of people that like to help others. I mean, if someone needs something that bad, at least ask and we can work with them," he said. 

Snyder has been in his industry of expertise for over two decades, while he has been in Beiseker for a little over three years. 

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