Rain stopped their last attempt to get their track meet underway. Koinonia Christian Schools aren't expecting it to be an issue Thursday.

The schools in Airdrie and Red Deer will meet at the track behind Genesis Place to get their competition in. They tried on May 24, but Mother Nature didn't co-operate, thus having to rely on their rain date.

"I think we're planning on going tomorrow," says co-organizer John Green, Grade Three teacher with the school. "The forecast is actually good for tomorrow, surprisingly enough."

This will be the last ditch effort for the school to get their event going. If rain sneaks into the forecast, they may need to pull the plug.

"We don't actually have a Plan B," explains Green. "It would be an emergency phone call (saying) we're calling it off. That's all we can do"

They've booked two times already, and there's no other availability with the facility to accommodate the school past this point, especially to try and fit things in before the end of the school year.

"It's going to have to be fairly bad before we cancel at this stage, because it means there's no track meet at all."

Events are expected to get underway at 7am Thursday morning. At the time of publish, a mix of sun and cloud is expected with a high of 18. Wednesday saw an ample amount of rain, with sever thunderstorm warnings issued for the area.