A lot children don't get the opportunity to actually get out and see how a real farm works.  

Agrium believes it's important to teach children that when you go into a grocery store and buy produce, it actually comes from farmers.

To accomplish this goal, Agrium has put together a curriculum based program for elementary school children called Seed Survivor.

Multiple displays travel across North America year-round.

Each display has sunflower seed planting stations set up, where children actually get to plant their own seed.

There are games and activities focused on soil, water, sunlight and nutrients for the plant so children learn how the four elements help the seeds grow into a plant.

"It's important to teach children not only about the growing of produce, but that it is has a very important, vital role. Food is one of the most important things," explains president of Spruce Meadows, Linda Southern-Heathcot. "With our growing global community and shrinking farm lands its something we all have to be concerned about."  

"The purpose of the Seed Survivor program is to show kids how important agriculture is to our society and bringing food to our table," says James Lecky, a Seed Survivor teacher.

Seed Survivor will be at Spruce Meadows until this Sunday and it will also travel to the Calgary Stampede this summer from July 6-15, 2012.