After going to the polls less than four months ago, voters in Irricana will look to fill two vacancies on the town's council at another byelection on September 6th.  Advance voting takes place tomorrow (August 29). 

After three councillors, Anton van Arendonk, Debbie Day and former Mayor Frank Friesen, all submitted resignations at various times this year, there are now only three councillors remaining, the minimum number needed.  

At the September 6th byelection, two councillors will be elected with Nathanial Fleming, Stephanie Katelnikoff, and Julie Sim running for the positions.  All three also ran in the May 17th byelection that saw Jim Bryson elected to council.  Bryson was later elected as Irricana's Mayor after a vote among councillors.  Katelnikoff finished as runner-up to Bryson in May.  Sim placed third and Fleming was fourth in the voting.    

Friesen resigned from Irricana council and from his position as Mayor in March, posting on Facebook that he and his husband were moving away from the community.

Debbie Day stepped down from council after the May byelection and the RCMP investigation which resulted from it.  Stephanie Katelnikoff claimed that scrutineer Bob Day, Debbie's husband, forcibly removed her from Irricana's Town Office on voting day. 

Then, in July, van Arendonk became the third Irricana councillor to resign in a little more than four months.  His came as a result of what van Arendonk says was a turbulent relationship between the council and Irriicana administration.  

The three councillors who remain on Irricana council are Mayor Jim Bryson, Kim Schmaltz and Lisa McAree.  

Advance voting for the byelection will take place tomorrow from noon to 8:00 pm at the Lions Community Hall, located at 300 - 1 Street Irricana.  The byelection will go Tuesday, September 6th.    

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