Why is it so hard to get out of bed? 

Lately, I have been working out, eating healthier, I have even cut out late afternoon coffee (gasp) and yet somehow I still can't get enough rest. I toss, I turn, I just don't sleep well. This has led to an alarming problem.

I used to set one alarm, hop out of bed and get going for the day, In fact, I hated it when my partner would set snooze alarms and hit them every 5 minutes, it felt like a waste of time and there was no point in an early wake-up or taking the risk that you'd forget how many times you hit it and be late anyway. 

These days I have moderately become one of those people. I always have more than one alarm set because I am terrified if I fall back asleep I'll be late for work or sleep right through my shift. 

So I set 2 on my phone and have another on my Alexa and one more on my watch. That way if one thing dies due to a power outage or something I have a couple more as backups. I also hit snooze on my phone one occasionally. 

This got me thinking I can't be the only one who has multiple alarms or is hitting the snooze button. 

So how many alarms do you have? How many times do you hit snooze? Or are you like the old me who still just hops out of bed once that alarm goes off? What's your wake-up routine? Do you have any other tricks to getting up in the morning? 

They say "You snooze, you lose." I no longer believe in that concept lol if I didn't snooze I wouldn't be here every morning, I'd still be in bed.