With plenty of people travelling during this long weekend, Here is what gas prices look like in Airdrie and the province.

Right now Airdrie sits at a reasonable price of $1.259 for regular and $1.479 for diesel.

Compared to Calgary, Airdrie is still lagging behind while most gas stations in the city sit around $117.9.

For those that might be heading out west to enjoy some time in the mountains gas prices in Banff currently sit around $1.419 and Canmore is slightly cheaper around $1.389.

If you are heading up north to Red Deer is around the same price as Calgary, $1.179 for regular. Edmonton is slightly cheaper than them all around $1.159.

Currently, Jasper gas prices are looking just like Banff's around the $1.419 mark.

Alberta's provincial fuel tax is currently not added to the fuel prices.

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