Gas prices in Airdrie have been slowly going in the right direction, downwards. But, now in the new year, how do we compare to other communities in Alberta?

Current regular gas prices in Airdrie are around the 129.9 range, while diesel just took a dip downward to 159.9.

When comparing our prices to larger cities like Red Deer, Edmonton, and Calgary, we are lagging behind.

Starting up north and heading south, Edmonton's regular gas prices sit around the $116.9 range, while Red Deer's is around $118.9. Our neighbours to the south, Calgary, is sitting around $120.9.

Taking a look at gas prices in communities surrounding Calgary like Strathmore, High River, and Cochrane, we all have higher prices.

Strathmore sits around $127.9, Cochrane around $129.9, and High River is slightly lower, sitting around $124.9.

According to Gas Buddy's Head of Petroleum Analysis, Patrick De Haan, one possible reason for the large difference in prices between large cities and Airdrie could be because of the size of the competition between gas stations.

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