Herbicide resistance is becoming a concern among farmers.

BASF and Ipsos Reid surveyed 500 farmers about their experience with herbicide resistance.

The results show 75% of farmers are concerned about herbicide resistance on their farm because its impacting their bottom line.

"Resistant weeds have been an issue since the late 1970's, various different types of weeds, but I think recently with the development of kochia, which is resistant to glyphosate, it has increased the awareness of resistant weeds and the impact they can have on a growers crop," says Michael Schaad, Eastern Business Manager, BASF Canada.

The poll also says 56% of people believe weeds are getting tougher to kill over time.   

Shaad says there haven't been a lot of new chemistry's coming to the market, so he suspects certain chemistry's are being over used and creating an issue with resistance.

"We interviewed growers from Ontario, Quebec and the three prairie provinces and it is an issue all across Canada. Different weeds in different areas but the same problem," he says.

Wild oats are the biggest concern in Alberta and Manitoba and the biggest concern Saskatchewan is kochia.

Shaad says to be proactive and to rotate your crops and your herbicide chemistry groups.