Airdrie Cochrane MLA Peter Guthrie took to Facebook to call out Alberta Premier Jason Kenney for not sticking to his promise of not interfering with the leadership race. 

According to Guthrie, on May 19 a meeting was held to decide who would be the interim leader until someone was elected.  

“This meeting was attended by all 61 UCP MLAs. It was determined by a vote of caucus that Jason Kenney would remain as Premier. Although I did not vote in favour of this action, I had to respect the decision. But it did come with stipulations. Kenny provided his solemn word that he would not interfere in the leadership campaign nor would he endorse any candidate.” 

According to Guthrie, Kenney said he would not make major government policy decisions or appointments without caucus involvement, and in Guthrie’s words, “he has failed on almost all counts”. 

“He is regularly creating new government initiatives, travelling around the country and the globe, spending tens of thousands of dollars; possibly more at the expense of taxpayers.” 

According to Guthrie, Kenney is now using government time and resources to launch what appears to be a vicious personal attack on the UCP’s leadership candidate, Danielle Smith. 

“In a government press conference on September 6, Kenney came prepared with notes and quotes ready to attack her ideas. He called them catastrophically stupid, cockamamie, half baked, and stated Alberta would become a banana republic. Kenny continued his use of leftist identity politics, stating that these ideas were put forward by the far right.” 

Guthrie stated Kenney is acting in a self-serving fashion, adopting a scorched earth burn it to the ground policy. If he is not at the helm or one of his establishment candidates, then he seems willing to take down the entire party. 

“He is becoming a walking billboard advertiser for the NDP and it is these very actions that validate why we are seeking a new leader.” 

With only a month to go before a new UCP leader is sworn in, Kenney and his establishment allocated the entirety of Alberta's $13 billion budget surplus. 

Guthrie finished off by saying Danielle Smith is the leader that will stand up to Ottawa, support personal freedoms, and is willing to listen to frontline workers and make meaningful reforms to deficient essential services.