A Diabetes Working Group is being formed to develop a comprehensive diabetes strategy for the province. 

In order to meet the needs of a growing number of Albertans who are living with this chronic disease, the government will collaborate with representatives from across Alberta to develop a future care plan. 

The working group will provide input before any decisions regarding diabetes treatments are made. The Insulin Pump Therapy Program won't be altered. The initiative will continue to operate as intended and add access to the most recent insulin pumps as soon as possible. 

“Meaningful change begins with meaningful conversations. This is why we are committed to consulting with Albertans living with diabetes to better understand their needs and challenges. The working group will help identify what is needed now and what actions will be needed in the future. I look forward to seeing their recommendations for developing a better and more sustainable system of care for the future,” says Jason Copping, Minister of Health for the province. 

Given the growing population of Albertans being diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it is said a long-term care pathway needs to be determined so Albertans can manage their diabetes and lower the risk of adverse outcomes that increase cost and strain to the health-care system. 

Government expenditures on insulin pumps, diabetes supplies, and drugs have climbed by around 15% yearly over the last five years, reaching $200 million. If Alberta's present healthcare system is not improved, costs are predicted to increase by another double during the following five years, to $381 million. 

The working group will evaluate the entire province's diabetes care system, including primary care doctors' areas of expertise, as well as the identification and care of patients with diabetes. 

Patients, diabetic organizations, medical professionals, researchers, and health insurers will all be represented on the Diabetes Working Group. Before the fall of 2023, recommendations will be given to the Minister of Health. 

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