Over the entire month of October, George McDougall Highschool has been hosting an event called “Scare Hunger”. This event raised more than 1000 items for the Food Bank and over $750 thanks to students', staff, and their band program. 

Kendal Robson and Maddison Smith, both grade 11 students at George Mac said “Scare Hunger” was a great success, far surpassing their goal. 

“We decided as a school, through our leadership team that we wanted to collect food and raise money for the Airdrie food bank. We set it all up, we made posters, and we set a goal of 500 items,” stated Robson. “After we counted all the items that got brought in we doubled our goals, and we collected over 1000 items.” 

According to Smith, since they're a public school, they thought it was very important to give back to the community. 

“We know food prices are increasing a lot and people are just struggling financially, so we thought it was just a really good opportunity to help out with those challenges.” 

The girls mentioned when they set a goal of 500 items, they thought they would have a tough time getting to it, but by making it a nice friendly competition between grades, their original goal was doubled. 

Scare Hunger

Scare hunger

According to Robson, there are plans in the making to do this event next year. 

“I do know we were planning to do this next year. We are also thinking about doing a Christmas donation. Not specifically to the Airdrie Food Bank, but just a general fundraiser. We're still figuring that out."

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