Recent news that some cities across Alberta have clarified or updated their policies on topless swimming has caused quite a stir on social media, with Airdronians also chiming in.

Some Airdrie residents posed questions on social media, inquiring if Genesis Place would also be allowing topless swimming. Discover Airdrie reached to out the city to clarify the rules and regulations around swimwear at the city's recreational facility and whether anything has changed or will be changing. 

"Genesis Place does not have a policy specific to topless swimming in the pool beyond what is legislated in the Human Rights Act, which specifies individuals cannot be discriminated against based on sex and/or gender identity/expression. For the pool, this means members of both sexes experience equal swimwear expectations. As no policy exists specific to this, a change or update is not required," the city stated in their response.

Genesis place has also posted similar responses on its social media, underlining that the recreational facility's policy is not new. 

"Our response to swimwear in the pool has always remained in alignment with the Human Rights legislation, which was updated to include gender identity and expression in 2017," a Facebook post read. 

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