Over the years G3 has been a strong proponent of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association's  "BeGrainSafe" program.

G3 has funded training for hundreds of professional and volunteer firefighters and purchased specialized grain rescue 
equipment for dozens of rural fire departments across the Prairies, Ontario, and Quebec. 

Peter Chura, G3's corporate communications specialist, says working with moving grain and grain entrapment is a significant risk on the farm and it's something that they're happy to help mitigate the risk of.

"I know a couple of years ago there was a situation in 2022 where a Manitoba farmer was trapped in grain and was rescued by local firefighters who had received 'BeGrainSafe' training and equipment not long before that."

He says earlier this month, the fire department in Coronation, Alberta had a training session sponsored by G3.

"Firefighters from surrounding communities were also able to attend and get the training as well. And of course, in that case, G3 also purchased the rescue equipment for the Coronation Fire Department. So going forward they're capable of performing these rescues. But there's still lots more to be done there are many, many rural fire departments out there that could use this training. It's the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association that's doing a great job providing the training and arranging the equipment and G3 is really happy to be able to provide the financial support for that through our sponsorship."

In the last year, G3 provided the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association with $50,000 for their 'BeGrainSafe' program, and that has helped half a dozen different fire departments across western Canada and Ontario, get the training that they need.

Chura says since G3's inception back in 2015, safety has been the most important pillar of the company ( all of its facilities and employees work under very safe conditions with a number of safety rules and regulations in place) and they wanted to extend that in some way to the producers and communities they serve.

Last week was Be Grain Safe Week.