Within hours of the devastating house fire in Hillcrest, an Airdronian has already set up a gofundme campaign for those most impacted by the blaze.

"Hillcrest has always been a close group of neighbours, everyone wanting to do their share to help. The fire on Hillcrest Terrance has impacted many families. It’s a helpless feeling seeing community members impacted like this- if you are like me, you are looking for a way to help during this crisis," read the comment on the campaign page. 

Thus far, $400 dollars has been raised, with a goal of $5000.

"From speaking with friends who have been through losing their home to fire, having money available to assist was their biggest help and relief. Insurance money is often delayed, and the here and now needs pile up quickly. Please help support the residents of Hillcrest Terrace!" 

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