To develop post-secondary healthcare programs and train more than 3,400 additional healthcare professionals, budget 2023 will allocate over $200 million.

The government of Alberta is also spending an additional $113 million to create 100 residency training positions for recently graduated physicians, particularly in rural areas and specialized fields.

“I am excited to announce the creation of more than 3,400 new spaces in health care programs at our universities and colleges. More young Albertans will be able to be trained as doctors and nurses right here in Alberta at our world-class post-secondary institutions,” explained Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Advanced Education.

In Budget 2023, According to Alberta’s government, it is working to address the healthcare challenges the province is facing by:

  • Investing $30 million in health care program expansion to create about 1,800 new seats over the next three years in nursing, health care aide and paramedicine programs.

  • Investing almost $20 million to create 120 new physician seats at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta.

    • Funding will also help increase the number of rural physicians in Alberta in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

  • Investing $113 million over three years for medical residency positions to add 100 residency training spaces and fund compensation for academic physicians instructing medical students.

  • Investing $22 million to upskill internationally educated nurses by creating new bridging programs and expanding seats at existing bridging programs to add 1,500 new spaces.

  • Investing $14 million over two years for the targeted recruitment of internationally trained nurses from the United States and the United Kingdom.

“Through the Health Workforce Strategy and the many other actions we’re taking, Alberta will build a strong, resilient and sustainable health workforce where its workers are supported to succeed as they provide expert care to improve the lives of Albertans,” explained Jason Copping, Minister of Health.

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