On Saturday, December 3, a free wellness clinic will be held in Airdrie at Fen Vet, in collaboration with Fen Vet and Parachutes for Pets, a charitable organization out of Calgary that specializes in helping low-income families keep their pets and their owners together by providing discounted pet care.

Melissa David, the founder of Parachutes For Pets talks about the event.

"We're going to have a free vaccine and wellness clinic for pets of low-income individuals in Airdrie. So we're encouraging everyone to contact us [to] pre-book a spot. Every pet will get an examination and vaccines, and they'll go home with a little bag of Christmas treats."

David went on to explain how this whole idea of coming to Airdrie came about.

"We're a Calgary-based charity, but we've been wanting to expand outside of Calgary and the wonderful folks at Fen Vet chatted with us and said there are some great people in Airdrie that are struggling, and we'd really like to volunteer our services and get their pets looked at."

With inflation being really tough and causing prices to go up, this also includes animal care. David mentioned that low-income families are having a tougher time now than ever taking care of their companions.

David mentioned this is her favourite event of the year, even though it's the first time she is doing it in Airdrie.

"This has been a labour of love for me for the four years this organization has been in existence and this is my favourite event, every time we do it is a free vet clinic because people are so thankful and grateful."

The public's response to this event has been amazing so far even though the event has yet to happen, Fen Vet and Parachutes for Pets do plan on hosting similar events in the future.

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