It was an eventful night last Thursday at the Airdrie Festival of Lights as Airdrie's first responders and the Airdrie Festival of Lights (AFOL) President and Coordinator, Rob & Michelle Pirzek, received the Platinum Jubilee Award.

While a lot of first responders were at Airdrie's Festival of Lights on Thursday volunteering, Airdrie-Banff MP Blake Richards was the lucky person to present these awards to them.

"When we've got the Queen's Jubilee Award, you think about what it's supposed to be about;  it's rewarding people who've served the community. We're rewarding the people who have qualities that mirror the Queen's service and sacrifice. If you think about those qualities, there are no better people than those who wear uniforms and protect our community."

MichelleAFOL President and Coordinator Rob & Michelle Pirzek with Blake Richards.

"We also honoured Michelle and Rob Pirzek for their many years of service, both on the board and as President (Rob) of the association; that allows the Airdrie Festival of Lights to be a thing in our community and a big part of our community."

Although they are very honoured to receive the award, when asked about what it feels like to receive the award, Michelle mentioned they don't do it for the accolades; they do it to provide the community with something fun to do.

"It is still the most affordable, family-friendly thing you can do here and in Airdrie at Christmas time."

Dan and Michelle's connection with the AFOL first started in 2003.

According to Dan, what motivates him to keep coming back and working every year is seeing the families and kids walking down the pathways and enjoying the display.

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