Fires in and around Airdrie are now under control and previously closed roads are now open.

Earlier today Airdrie RCMP and Airdrie Fire Department were called around 12:30 - 1 pm and were dealing with grass fires that were making travel dangerous due to the smoke. Travel between Yankee Valley Blvd. and the Balzac overpass on Highway 2 was not recommended. 

There were commercial propane tanks in the area which were at risk of catching fire and could have posed a threat to anyone in the area. Police evacuated people who were at risk. According to Director Weinberger, who shared information about the fires at the City Council Meeting, one of the tanks was venting and CP Rail has sent out hazmat crews that are managing the situation, there is no danger to the public.

There were seven fires that blanketed the city with smoke. The Airdrie Fire Department received help from different Fire Departments in Rocky View County like Crossfield Fire Department and  Redwood Meadows Fire Department.

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