According to the Airdrie Fire Department, a fire advisory has been placed due to the current weather conditions. 

According to James Kostuk, Deputy Chief for the Airdrie Fire Department, this means that there will not be any more new fire permits issued. 

The advisory states the following: 

  • All existing fire permits are suspended, except for acceptable burn barrels and incinerators 

  • No new fire permits will be issued until conditions improve 

  • Some essential burning may be allowed, at the discretion of the fire department 

A few things are prohibited in the city such as fireworks and any burning without a valid fire permit, other than a residential backyard firepit. 

Kostuk went on to talk about ways to help prevent wildfires. 

“There are some ways we can reduce the risk of wildfire; if you're a smoker, please don't discard your cigarette butts into any vegetation, potted plants or landscaping material like mulch. If you live in the country and have a dirt bike or an ATV make sure you're always cleaning your exhaust pipes so you're not dropping any hot materials that can start a wildfire. If you're going to have a fire, please ensure that you have a screen that covers the fire pit to keep the embers inside and never leave a fire unattended.” 

The Fire Advisory will remain in effect until conditions improve.