On July 2, The Edmonton Police service announced that the Edmonton teenager was located safe in Oregon. 

The 13-year-old had been seen nearly a week ago on June 24 at approximately 8:30 A.M. in the area of 131 Avenue and 91 Street in Edmonton.

 She had last been seen wearing a hoodie which has a blue body and white arms with a black and white checkered hoodie pocket, ripped blue jeans, black Converse shoes and carrying a backpack.

"What we know is that her mom saw her get on the bus on Friday morning to go to her school, Killarney Junior High School, and later found out that she hadn't attended school all day," said long-time family friend and liaison Robyn Hanson. 

Initially, there were questions about why the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) had not issued an AMBER alert. However, Hanson said that since then the family learned that specific criteria have to be met for an AMBERT alert to be issued. According to the provincial government, four criteria must be met for the alert, including the child or an adult with a proven mental or physical disability has been abducted, the child or adult is in danger of serious harm or death, there’s enough descriptive information to enable the public to identify the child or adult, the abductor, or the mode of transportation. There must also be a reasonable expectation the abductee could be returned, or the abductor could be apprehended.

Hanson said that the day she went missing she didn't have her phone.

"Police have been actively working with the family to ensure all of those avenues are covered. We know that there's just an overwhelming amount of support from police and that there are a lot of officers actively involved in finding and going through all of those social-type devices."

Hanson described the girl as a homebody who is introverted and loves animals. Hanson said her younger sister and her consider each other not just sisters, but each other's best friends. 

"She has the biggest heart. She volunteers with different organizations to help out and work with puppies and cats. She likes doing quiet activities like puzzles and watching movies. She has her art supplies, which are with her constantly and that was actually in her backpack on Friday when she went to school because she was never without them." 

Hanson said she also has a lot of freckles and that she is tall for her age. 

"We know it's been seven days and we've had a lot of support from different organizations to get the word out across Canada. There's going to be billboards across Canada," she said. "We want people to recognize that she is still missing and at this point, she could be anywhere. So we asked people to look for her, not just in the Edmonton region, but anywhere and to share anything out of the ordinary with the police."

Hanson also encouraged the public to join a Facebook group, which has amassed over 16 thousand members.

"We just really encourage people to go to the Facebook page that has been set up for her because that's where the most accurate information of how people can support the efforts to find her. There's a map there where people can see areas that have already been canvassed. We just really appreciate people going to that Facebook site for information. We're trying to keep it updated as quickly as possible."

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