Calaway Park is one of those Alberta gems that, if someone were coming from out of town for a tourist visit, you would definitely take them there!

I remember this one time my grandparents packed me, my brother, and my sister into their RV and took us to stay at the Calway Park Campground for the weekend. We celebrated my birthday there and I remember getting these huge, plastic dinosaur toys which I LOVED because I was ALL about dinosaurs when I was a kid.

We also spent an afternoon panning for gold with our own little setup and I was so excited when I found the smallest speck of gold on my little pan sheet. 

I was still too small to ride a few things, but I was the right size for this smaller roller coaster that I would go on over and over again. Looking back on it, my grandma was probably so bored just watching me on this same ride for a solid 20 minutes straight. The coaster looked like a caterpillar, I remember that. I wonder if that roller coaster is still there... 

That weekend will always stick out to me as a Calaway Park memory!


Ram_Everyday_Adventure_PhotoThe 2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn you could win at the end of summer

As part of our Ram Everyday Adventure contest, you could win a Calaway Park VIP Family Experience!

What is that, you ask? Here's what the Calaway Park VIP Family Experience includes:

  • A one-night stay at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel, dinner included
  • Calaway Park merchandise
  • A guided VIP adventure at Calaway Park once the gates close

All of this is just for you and your immediate family!

This Calaway Park VIP Family Experience is only available to be won through the month of July, which means time is running out to get your name in for it! It's all part of our Ram Everyday Adventure contest!

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