Direct Energy Regulated Services (DERS) has announced default natural gas and electric rates for this month as winter is closing in on Airdrie.

In the ATCO Electric service area, the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) determines the cost per kilowatt-hour that regulated consumers must pay for electricity. Every month, the rates are changed to reflect the cost that DERS incurs while purchasing energy on behalf of its clients. 

Here are the electric rates for this month:

  • Residential -19.836 (cents/kWh) - Price of Electricity Including Recovery Charge 
  • Commercial - 19.755 (cents/kWh) - Price of Electricity Including Recovery Charge 
  • Industrial - 19.08 (cents/kWh) - Price of Electricity Including Recovery Charge 
  • Farm -19.742 (cents/kWh) - Price of Electricity Including Recovery Charge 

November's energy rate is about 3 per cent less than the rate for the previous month. The total cost of a typical residential customer's bill would drop by about $6.47, or 2 per cent, from the previous month if they consumed 600 kWh.

Customers in the ATCO Gas North and South service territories who have not selected a competitive provider will see an increase in price.

When it comes to natural gas, Airdrie and the surrounding area, which is located in the southern territory. The November regulated natural
gas rate is increasing from the October rate of $2.522 per gigajoule (GJ) to $2.850 per GJ.

 The typical residential gas bill for November based on an average of 14 GJ of consumption would be approximately $173.

The rates for both electric and natural gas have been verified by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

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