It's that time of year again when Airdronians help to bury a motorcycle in support of the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Josh Radu, General Manager at Destination Cycle, talks about the event.

"This will be the fifth annual year for it. Essentially, we cover a motorcycle in toys; it's in a big plexi box. The whole idea behind it is to cover it all in toys till you can't see it anymore. Then at the end of it, those toys all get donated to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation."

Toy eventPhoto of last year's box. Photo supplied.

The main reason they started this campaign was that they just wanted to do something for a good cause in their off time.

"When we first started it, it took off really well. And then every year, it's done better and better."

Radu finished off by saying he would like to see around 700 toys again this year, but any amount is a good number just because it's going towards a good cause.

Over the previous four years, they are just shy of 3000 toys being donated.

The official start date for the toy drive is November 17 to December 17. Toys can be dropped off at Destination Cycle.

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