City council requested staff to report on the off-leash provisions of the Dog Control Bylaw No. 788 and an officer's ability to levy fines if the dog is on private property.

Sept. 4 at city hall, staff reviewed Bylaw 788 and determined the relevant sections that pertain to the information requested by Council.

Bylaw 788 has four sections for the enforcement of dogs running at large. These sections pertain only to running at large and do not cover such sections as biting, regardless of whether the incident occurs on the owner's property or not.

Section 301 allows for charges to be laid in the instance where an owner fails to keep an animal contained and under supervision while on their property, and charges can be levied by Peace Officers for a contravention of this section.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) grants the power to enact this bylaw.

Section 601 of Bylaw 788 states:

(1) A Dog Control Officer, Bylaw Enforcement Officer or a Peace Officer may enter any property surrounding any building and capture or impound any dog.

(2) A Dog Control Officer, Bylaw Enforcement Officer or Peace Officer or any person authorized by this Bylaw to enforce the provisions contained herein may enter onto the land surrounding any building in pursuit of any dog which has been observed running at large.

Council unanimously accepted the report for information.