With most of Airdrie’s hot summer days in the past, it’s almost time to welcome autumn and the cooler weather. 

According to Kyle Fougere, a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, things could get a little wet heading into the weekend. 

“We have a low-pressure system that's kind of sitting over southern B.C. right now. here are showers and even thunderstorms that have formed with it in southern B.C. that are slowly going to be pushing into Alberta over the next couple of days. It's looking like Friday is going to be a bit cloudy, and then we'll have a chance of showers on Friday and the same for Saturday. Sunday, we'll have a little bit of a break, where it is likely to be sunny again.” 

On Monday, we're going to have another system that's going to push through and bring some showers. 

Airdrie will continue to see some smoke in the area from wildfires in southern BC and Northwestern United States. 

“There is going to be smoke presents mostly aloft higher up in the atmosphere, but occasionally it will mix down to the surface and you'll be able to, unfortunately, feel the effects over the next coming days.” 

With fall just around the corner, Fougere mentioned they have forecasted this fall to be above normal temperatures. 

“What we saw at the start of September would make a large contribution to that where we started off: very hot. We are getting back towards more normal, but by the time we look at the end of October, we are expecting it to be to have been warmer than normal. When it comes to precipitation, we're expecting normal precipitation for the area this fall season.” 

Right now, the forecasted highs are 16 degrees on Friday, 12 degrees for Saturday and 16 degrees for Sunday. 

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