On Thursday, September 22, during the Alberta Municipalities Convention, Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ (MCMC) supported a resolution sponsored by the City of Airdrie and St. Albert calling on the provincial government to expand the funding pot for the Local Government Fiscal Framework (LGFF) in 2024 and to grow the size of the funding stream at a 1:1 ratio linked to provincial revenue.

According to a joint press release by the Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ Caucus, mid-sized municipalities are reliant on other orders of government for long-term, and stable infrastructure funding to support the completion of capital projects and improvements.

"Historically, the provincial government has provided this through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative, which will be converted to the Local Government Fiscal Framework (LGFF) in 2024 and be reduced in funding size by 25 per cent."

While a decision from the province is forthcoming regarding the allocation formula of the $340 million of the LGFF allocated amongst all Alberta municipalities outside of Edmonton and Calgary, Cochrane Mayor and Chair of the Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ caucus, Jeff Genung said the broader issue of that of the funding pot.

"To support current and future growth, Alberta's MCMC will be exploring a new long-term partnership with the Government of Alberta to enable job creation, economic progress, and the execution of social and environmental outcomes," he stated in the press release. 

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