While in the heat of campaigning to try and be re-elected for her third term as Airdrie-East Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Angela Pitt has been experiencing a lot more than usual theft and vandalism when it comes to her signs.

It's something that happens every election year, but it's a lot worse this year.

"I'm getting reports from supporters or from constituents that they have witnessed signs going missing, they have seen trucks pull up on the side of the road, grab a bunch of signs, and then speed off," explained Pitt.

According to Pitt, in previous elections, they have never had to replace so many signs before and have never had people see it happen.

When asked if they have been reporting it to the police, Pitt mentioned she does not want to bother them with this and that they have better things to do.

"They've got lots on their plate. They're busy keeping us safe. They don't have to worry about our signs."

The money that is being used to help provide and replace these signs is coming from the campaign fund which is money donated by supporters or constituents.

"To steal a sign or to vandalize a sign is illegal, and you can face a fine, it's also pretty anti-democratic."

Pitt recommends and encourages people to funnel this sort of passion they have for politics into more creative ways.

While she believes nobody supporting her is doing the same, like vandalizing and stealing signs from other people running for election, she does want to remind them it's not the right thing to do.

"I would say to any of my supporters if there's anyone that thinks that they're helping our campaign by vandalizing signs or stealing them,  just stop, we have to be better than this."

When trying to get in contact with the New Democratic Party of Alberta (NDP) Airdrie-East candidate Dan Nelles, spokesperson Malissa Dunphy stated, "Dan's focus is on connecting with people in Airdrie-East at their doorsteps to hear their concerns as we head into the election, and how we can build a better future for all Albertans."

Pitt stated they do plan to continue to replace the signs if anything happens to them.

The Provincial Election is on May 29th.

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