In a three-day move, the Airdrie RCMP relocated to 2 Highland Park Way NE on August 7. The Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie took a unique approach the evening of September 4, when they asked City Council for permission to lease the former RCMP building on Edmonton Trail from October 8 to November 4 this year.

A group of zombies took over the Council meeting. Scary!

Beware the Zombie apocalypse....

partnered with Alberta Model Engineering Society to host the event outdoors at Iron Horse Park, with the profits being split between the two organizations.

Based on feedback from participants in the past two years, the BGCA has decided to move their haunted house back to an indoor location. They'll continue to work with the Alberta Model Engineering Society on a separate initiative. Their intention is to host the Halloween event over a 10-day period, raising greater fundraising dollars that will go directly into BGCA operations.

The Boys & Girls Club of Red Deer (BGCRD) uses their annual Halloween event as a major fundraiser each year, raising $80,000 in 2011 alone. The BGCRD organizers have been working with BGCA staff to support them in holding a larger Halloween event in Airdrie. BGCRD organizers have offered the use this year of their props that they're not using to help elevate the ‘scary’ experience and help draw participants to take in the Airdrie event.

The event will run from October 18 to October 31, between 6 and 9 pm on weekdays and 1 to 10 pm on weekends. It's targeted at older children and youth for evening performances, with a downscaled and less-scary attraction offered during afternoon hours on the weekends for younger children and families. Outside entertainment will take place on the weekends and Hallowe'en night, weather permitting.

AIR 106.1 FM has come on board as the title sponsor with all proceeds to go to the BGCA.

Boys and Girls Club Executive Director, Denisa Sanness was ecstatic when council granted the building space at no cost.