Buckoo the Pitbull has been at the Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre (APARC) in Airdrie for two months, but with each day he's there, he's getting more used to his surroundings.

"He's such a good boy. We would love for him to be in a happy, forever home and not in a shelter and in order for us to get him, we have to make sure he gets healthy through his surgery that should remove a really scary looking tumour," said Samuel Sandidge the Regional Manager at the Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre.

The surgery that Buckoo needs will be covered from funds raised through a book sale the rescue centre held two weekends ago on May 27-29. Nearly $2000 dollars was raised.

"The reason why we do a book sale is for personal reasons. I myself am an avid reader and a former bookstore owner. We did our first book sale at our other shelter in Medicine Hat back in 2016 and that was our inaugural opening," he said. "We've had at least one book sale for each shelter ever since, so this would be our third book sale here in Airdrie."

And while the fundraiser isn't new to APARC, this year, long-time volunteers of the centre were to ones who shouldered the responsibility of organizing everything.

"I think they did a fantastic job. My favourite part about [the] book sales is that you'll never see such a variety of books, whether you go to an independent bookstore or a chain; all those books are curated for the customers in that area. All the books here, if we receive them as a donation, it goes right on the table. We have books that are vintage, we have antique books, brand new books, kids, fiction, nonfiction, anything, you name it. "

Sandidge said that Buckoo is estimated to be between six and eight years old. 

"Every day we have folks coming in hanging out with him and every day, his anxiety gets a little bit less," he said. "When he came in, we noticed a couple of growths that gave us a little bit of concern. We went ahead and got those biopsies, one of those growths ended up being something that made us a little bit nervous. When we got the results, we decided we definitely need to get it removed."

When it comes to finding Buckoo a forever home, Sandidge said that a home that has experience in dealing with separation anxiety, as well as one that has an active lifestyle would be the perfect match.

"Because he's a senior, it also doesn't mean that he's a tired old man. He's as active as the youngest puppies that we get in and I think having somebody that is experienced in separation anxiety and an energetic lifestyle can make him the happiest."

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