After a stunning finish for the Calgary Flames last night they are headed into the second round of the playoffs! It was a hard fought series and Dallas was a match for the ages. That game 7 was probably the best hockey game I have ever witnessed! 

I was praying for Johnny to get the OT winner as he was robbed all game and he made my wish come true! I have to mention Oettinger though, that goalie is a brick wall! Honestly, I'm glad we have Markstrom but if I had to choose a second goalie, it'd be that guy, he was outstanding! 

But now it's time to get our head in the game for the next round and it's going to be unreal! Battle of Alberta for the next round against the Oilers. I know a few households who will be fighting, mine included! 

The last time the Oilers and Flames me in a playoff battle was 1991! It's been a minute for sure. 

What were you doing the last time it happened Airdrie?