Pork & Mushroom Saute
Courtesy of Anyday Magic

There are lots of tasty dishes you can cook up using the simple ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Michael Allemeier, Chef and Culinary Arts Instructor at SAIT, is taking part in Dairy Farmer's of Canada's "Chef Pantry Challenge" designed to inspire people to add a little magic to their every day meals.  

The challenge is all about using those pantry and fridge staples that you already have to cook a great meal.

Allemeier says one of his favourite recipes is a chilled cucumber, apple and mint soup.

"All you do it take some cucumbers, apples, a little bit of ginger, yogurt, cream and fresh mints from the garden. Then you put everything in the blender and puree it and it's the perfect start to any meal," he says. "I find you can put it in a thermos and bring it to work and then you have a great cool, refreshing, nutritious treat for when your at work."

He says one thing to remember when you are grocery shopping is not to buy too much.

"I think as a society we binge buy when we buy things. Just buy what you need for a couple days or even shop daily if you can. We tend to buy too much and the fridge and the pantry just get cluttered. I think if you buy less it forces you to cook more with what you have on hand and be a little more creative."  

Allemeier says some of his staples are fruits, veggies, cheese, pasta, cream and herbs.

"The herbs may seem a little intimidating to some people but its a great way to freshen up the food you have."