Trevor Snyder, the co-owner of a Beiseker business, Snyder Enterprises, a towing and vehicle company, said he is outraged after one of the company fleet tow trucks was stolen this past weekend. 

"I am completely outraged. We use these trucks to help people when people are stranded and we're their last call," Snyder said. "We have several trucks and trailers, but this is still a significant loss."

According to Synder, and his brother, Wayne, who also co-owns the business, the tow truck, a 2008 Dodge Ram 4500, which was parked on a side street, was stolen between late Saturday evening on January 14 and early morning on Sunday. The brothers fear that because the tow truck was equipped with an unlocking kit - which they use when they are called to help people who lock themselves out of their cars, could now be potentially used to break into vehicles. Airdrie RCMP did confirm that an investigation into the tow truck theft is currently ongoing. 

aA Beiseker business owner said that his tow truck was stolen this past weekend from the village. (Facebook Photo)

"There were amber and blue lights on that truck, so, they can, be using blue lights illegally. There are all sorts of safety concerns with this truck being stolen," Snyder said. "Not to mention the fact that someone might be out there illegally representing your company."

According to the Alberta Motor Association's (AMA) spokesperson, Brandon Klassen, the AMA has been made aware of the theft of the truck from Snyder enterprises, which is one of AMA's service providers. He said it is quite rare for tow trucks to be stolen. He did confirm the truck did have a CAA logo on it. Klassen underlined that when and if a customer contacts AMA or an AMA service provider for towing assistance, AMA will have information on the person requesting help.

"If you're broken down somewhere; when in doubt, [for example] if you haven't called anyone from AMA, call to make sure that this is a legitimate trucker showing up to you," Klassen said. " Asking questions of the driver, like if they have your membership number and whether they were called to come here. Those types of questions will help to try to figure out if this truck is supposed to be here."

Snyder said that he is doubtful the truck will be recovered, though he commended the police on their quick response when his brother phoned the police to alert them of the theft. 

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