Heavy snowfall and heat can be a risky combo. A few days ago, the snow in Airdrie snowed out schools, created dangerous roads, and forced the Airdrie Food Bank to close until the afternoon.  

Christine Taylor, the Communications Manager at the Airdrie Food Bank, says they made the decision to close for the afternoon the night before when the snow was still plummeting to earth.  

“We weren't sure what the weather was going to be like. We wanted to make sure that our staff, volunteers, and the people that come to the food bank, we're safe.” 

Taylor says the closure does affect the Airdrie Food Bank because of the people who need to use it or get food can't. Normally, the Airdrie Food Bank offers food through the pantry program and is open 5 days a week. When hazards like dangerous weather occur, things like the pantry program can be closed.  

Unexpectedly, the snow day happened on the same day a school was supposed to have a sub lunch for their lunch program. The subs that were being used for the lunch ended up being donated to the Airdrie Food Bank. Luckily, the Airdrie Food Bank was able to open for the afternoon and the donated subs were given out through the Airdrie Food Bank`s pantry program. The sub donation did not go to waste. 

“Some things turned into a positive and yesterday because one of the schools was closed that had ordered subs. They donated almost 300 subs to us.” 

Taylor says the food bank is always receiving food from food recovery and donations so not operating for a few hours can create backpedal and they need to catch up.  

“So just being close, we have food recovery that comes in every day. So even a few hours off, not being able to move food around and support our community. There's catch up to do.” 

The Airdrie Food Bank has over 300 volunteers that come throughout the week and help move food, package food, build hampers and do maintenance around the facility.


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