At the latest city council meeting, a presentation was brought forward about possibly bringing tiny homes to Airdrie for rent.

Airdronian Jim Noble, his wife Laura and Richard Siemens brought the presentation forward to the council. The three of them have been building tiny homes for the past 20 years in El Salvador, but now want to bring them to Airdrie.

The biggest problem that was brought up by Noble was the need for land to build these homes which he is hoping the city will provide.

In the presentation, Noble explained how he believes they are able to raise $1.6 million for these homes and with that money, they would try to build 20 homes at a price tag of $80,000 each and around 400 to 500 square feet.

"It's to help those who are deficient in housing or going to the food bank because they can't pay the rent and buy food. There are lots of situations," explained Noble.

While looking to partner with the city on this project, some things Noble brought up that he would hope the city would also help them with along with the land include investigating what the target group of people would be, the design concept and figuring out what is needed.

"In El Salvador, we have a team of people that go out and interview people and see what their needs are. We don't have that here. We would want that type of input if we possibly and if the land is available, just to know exactly what we can and can't do with it."

While many questions have yet to be answered, like who would manage the houses (for example Airdrie Housing Limited or Rocky View Foundation as both are a part of housing within Airdrie), Noble is looking for at least two acres of land to build the houses.

Many council members including Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown think it's a great idea if it is possible.

Unfortunately, no decision was made as of yet, but the wheels are now in motion to see if this project is something that can be done.

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