The province has tabled legislation that will enable the government to enact rebates for both natural gas and electricity for Albertans. If passed, the legislation will come into effect upon receiving royal assent to avoid delays. The government is working with utility companies to start issuing the rebate directly on consumers’ bills this summer.

Under the electricity rebate, the government will provide relief for the high electricity prices this past winter by issuing electricity rebates of $50 per month for three consecutive months, for a total rebate of $150, for customers whose electricity use is under 250-megawatt hours per year, which covers most residences, farms and small businesses.

“This legislation is a necessary step to let us provide $50 per month for three consecutive months – a total of $150 – to more than 1.9 million residences, farms and small businesses,” said Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity, Dale Nally. 

The Natural Gas Rebate Program will provide relief on natural gas bills to support Albertans amid this period of high prices. Natural gas rebates will kick in when regulated natural gas rates exceed $6.50 per gigajoule between Oct. 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023.

The Utility Commodity Rebate Act would replace the Natural Gas Price Protection Act with new enabling legislation for both electricity and natural gas rebates. If passed, forthcoming regulations under the act will enable an electricity rebate that will benefit more than 1.9 million families, farms and businesses, as well as a natural gas rebate to protect Albertans from high prices next winter.

More information on each rebate program will be released after regulations have been put in place and before payments begin.

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