The Alberta government is bringing back the Fuel Price Contingency Program for eligible school authorities as fuel prices continue to rise. 

The program will be enacted retroactively to March and will remain in place for the 2022-23 school year, providing millions of dollars in additional funding for student transportation.

Based on an expected average diesel price of $1.80 per litre, the Fuel Price Contingency Program will provide an additional $8.2 million in support for student transportation from March through June of this year.  In July, eligible school authorities will receive payment for these four months according to established bus route distances.

The Alberta government will keep an eye on fuel prices during the 2022–2023 academic year and provide cost assistance in an effort to fight inflation. 

“By providing further fuel cost relief to support transportation services for more than 300,000 kindergarten to Grade 12 students, we are helping prevent service reductions and additional fees for families. With high diesel prices expected to continue, Alberta’s government continues its commitment to ensuring school boards and public charter schools have predictable and sustainable transportation funding,” says Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange.

According to a news release the Albertan Government says that they remain committed to helping school authorities continue to provide their services to students.

During the next three years, student transportation budget will increase by $39 million to help with the inflating costs of insurance, supplies, parts, fuel and training. There will be a $9-million increase from 2022-2023 and increases of $15 million each year for the next 2 years after. This 4.6 per cent increase is on top of the 5 per cent increase implemented in the previous 2020-21 budget.

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