The head of the Alberta Canola Producer's Commission says a memorandum of understanding on trade between Alberta and India could lead to bigger things for producers.

Ward Toma says all the recent trade deals that have been signed are important, "What's going on in India and the Government of Alberta making a couple of announcements around MOU's with various states there about agriculture is the fact  they're setting an arrangement in place for formal discussions around how we can improve trade. One of the issues we have with India is they have some regulatory issues around importing canola."

He says there are customers in India that want to buy canola seed but there are regulatory issues there that have to be dealt with first and this memorandum should help. "We can get oil in there and there are people that importing canola oil which is really good, but there are customers in that country that would like to buy seed from us and they have some regulatory issues that they need to work out so the fact that we're getting provinces in India to sign memorandums of understanding about how to move things forward is a very positive sign."