An Airdronian wins the $7,000,000 daily grand jackpot!

When Kevin MacKenzie scanned his DAILY GRAND ticket for the November 28 draw and saw that he had hit the jackpot, he couldn't believe what he was seeing! 

“I scanned my ticket and saw all the zeros,” he explained. ”I didn’t believe it at first, so I scanned it a few more times and then showed my wife.”

On November 26, McKenzie bought his $4 daily grand quick pick ticket from Shoppers Drug Mart in Airdrie at 1 Avenue West. A few days after the draw, MacKenzie checked his tickets while he and his wife were out running errands.

The two returned to the same shop where they had originally bought the ticket, asking the cashier to examine it and verify their win.

“My wife and I looked at each other and said we didn’t think this happened to real people.” He recalled as he claimed his prize. “She was holding on to the counter, and I was just in complete disbelief!”

The new millionaire said he has a couple of ideas for his winnings. “We’re going to pay off our debt, and then we’d like to help our kids purchase a house,” he said.

McKenzie also mentioned they plan to reschedule a trip to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary that was cancelled because of COVID.

The Airdronian earned his choice of a single payment of $7 million or $1,000 per day for life.

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