Airdronian Nolan Kowal is in Vancouver this week with his technical coach, Michal Misiewicz, for the Whitecaps combine. It’s an opportunity for him to be selected by the Whitecaps Program and play on the Vancouver U16 team in Vancouver. 

Michal Misiewicz, the Assistant Technical Director and the goalkeeper coach at Airdrie football/Soccer Club, says the Combine is a good way for players to take their soccer career to the next level. 

“The Whitecaps have Academy Centers throughout Western Canada, and those centers identify the strongest players at the U16 level. This is more of a program that has a pathway to get you to potentially make the Whitecaps team out here in Vancouver.” 

Airdrie Soccer

During the winter season, the Calgary area identifies the best southern Alberta players including Airdronian goalkeeper Nolan Kowal. They've been training since October, four days a week, and playing games. 

All the Academy Centers gather in Vancouver to play games against each other so players can show off their skills. 

“Scouts are going to be watching and identifying top players and the ones they identify, there'll be offering them an opportunity to actually stay in Vancouver to play for the Vancouver Whitecaps U16 team,” says Misiewicz, who hopes Kowal enjoys the process and tells him not to be afraid to put himself out there and shine.  

The U16 Whitecaps team will be selected in the coming months. 

The combine started on Monday and ends on Thursday. 

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