An Airdronian and his family were lucky enough to be selected to be on Family Feud Canada and lucky for them, they were able to get on for two episodes. 

The Selk family took the win on Monday night’s show on Canada’s version of the longstanding games show, Family Feud. Levi, an Airdrie resident served as team Capitan along with the rest of the Selk family, who hail from Okotoks. Unfortunately, the family lost in their second episode. 

On their first episode, which they won, Levi and his father Jordi teamed up for the famous round of fast money where they won $10,000. The Selk family was not able to win their second game that aired on Tuesday as they returned as champions, but were knocked off by a family from Longueuil Quebec. 

For Levi, he grew up watching Family Feud so when the chance came for him and his family to audition to try and get on the show, it was a no-brainer.  

“This actually started back in season one. They put out a call for auditions on Facebook and my family was actually down in Montana on vacation.  I was just scrolling through Facebook and I came across it and I've grown up absolutely loving Family feud.” 

In the spur of the moment on their last day of vacation, they came up with this incredible idea to put together a 15-minute video audition. Once they sent the video in, they had an answer the next day. 

“In the morning, the producers called me right away. They're like, holy moly we saw your video, and it was absolutely phenomenal, we want to invite you to an audition in Calgary.” 

Unfortunately, Levi’s family did not make the cut the first go around for season one but when season two started filming the Selk family got another call asking if they would like to be on this time around and they said absolutely. 

Unfortunately, COVID came up and the show wasn’t taking any western families. Once again things just didn’t work out. So around came season four and this time the Selk’s finally got the shot they were hoping for. 

The family was in Toronto a little bit again to film the episodes, but when the episodes aired, Levi and his family, along with some friends were in Airdrie to watch the winning episode. 


“We had a big viewing party out here in Airdrie, my house had close to 50 or 60 people that showed up. My family had rented the Okotoks theatre for the viewing, but luckily, they didn't do that till 9:30, so I was able to catch both viewing parties.” 

For the second show that they unfortunately lost, it was more of a laid-back viewing party. 

Levi finished off by saying he hopes to see a full-on Airdrie family one day be on the show. 

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