On Monday, Airdrie City Council heard a presentation about the Schematic Design for the new Multi-use Facility and Library. 

During a previous council meeting in May, council approved the project to proceed to the Schematic Design phase based on Concept Design Option 1, as presented by Gibbs Gage Architects (“GGA”). 

Since then, the design has been further developed by GGA and the project team. As this is a snapshot in the design process, the design is not finished or fully resolved at this moment. 

With this being said, some things that can be changed from Schematic Design to Detailed Design are the selection and determination of exterior materials, detailed program room layouts, glazing and door layouts and the roof design. 

The following fixed components would be challenging to alter at this point of design without delaying the timetable and adding to the price of the redesign are the positioning of the facility on the site, major feature locations on site, and general size and scale of the facility. 

Airdrie Photo of another rendering of what the building could look like provided by Gibbs Gage Architects.

At the end of an hour-long debate between council about items they were concerned about like the number of entrances, and the exterior of the building and many more, they proceeded to endorse the schematic design as presented and allow the project team to proceed to the design development stage of the project, with council's comments taken into consideration. 

To see the full debate and the detailed presentation see the livestream

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