Airdronian Bret DeBelser is taking his volleyball skills to the United States.

DeBelser will be on scholarship for the Division III National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) school, Lasell University in Massachusetts.

While not knowing if he would be playing volleyball at the university level, DeBelser actually reached out to Lasell University.

"I reached out, and it seemed like I was a really good fit, I got an opportunity to go down, visit the school, meet the coach, meet some of the players, and I'll be honest, they're a really good group of guys. And I'm excited to see the future with them."

Playing volleyball for about 10 years now, and having a university that wants him to play for them is something he described as "very cool". At Lasell University, Debelser will be taking a mixed class load between business and e-sports management.

BretPhoto of Bret getting ready for the serve, he is wearing number 4. Photo taken by  Josh Ross.

DeBelser, who has played for plenty of club teams in the area, never played for one team more than two years in a row. His final club season was with Airdrie Hawks Volleyball Club.

"It was probably the most pure form of enjoyment I've had playing the game out of any season [with the Hawks] that I've had so far. The group of guys I played with was really, really awesome."

Being around 3500 kilometres away from Airdrie Debelser is both excited and nervous about the journey.

"Change is something that I feel like nobody's ever going to be fully comfortable with and I'm no exception to that. I'm just ready to make the changes as they come into my life and try to develop into the best person I can be from them."

DeBelser finished off by saying if any type of athlete wants to play at the university level if they put in the hard work, they can absolutely achieve their dream.

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