Airdrie Veterinary Clinic, Happy Paws, will be hosting its Annual Compassion Clinic on Sunday, May 7. The compassion clinic was created for those in need of veterinary services that wouldn’t normally be able to afford them for their pet.

In late April the clinic encouraged anyone who knew of a senior, veteran, student or family in need, whose dog or cat needed medical work, including l like vaccines, dental work, or larger health issues, but simply could not afford them to submit the individuals' names online. Happy Paws has selected nine families that will come to the clinic this coming weekend and have their pets' medical work done for free.

Jeff Boucher, co-owner and administrator of the clinic, estimates that the procedures will total approximately a few thousand dollars. Staff from the clinic are also volunteering their time for the event. 

"Our team - we get into veterinary medicine because we want to help animals and the hard thing about veterinary medicine in our day and age is that we have to pay for those services," Boucher said. " We really wish we didn't and it hurts our staff sometimes when we can't help every patient. I think this is this opportunity to say, 'We're not going to worry about money. We're just going to help pets.'"

Boucher's spouse, Dr. Erin Heck who co-owns the clinic and is a practicing veterinarian said that the staff understands the unique and deeply rooted bond that pet owners have with their furry companions.

"[We understand] the challenges that can come with providing pets with the necessary care they need to thrive. That’s why we are hosting Compassion Clinic, a free veterinary care day, to support pet owners in Airdrie who are experiencing financial difficulties.”

Boucher said that one of the most endearing parts of managing a clinic is when a new litter of puppies comes in and when new dog owners have reams and reams of questions for the clinicians because they want to be the best pet owner they can absolutely be.

"That human-animal bond and support that - it is probably the thing that we're most passionate about."

The clinic will take place at the Kings Heights location. 

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