Lately, Airdrie has seen a steady decrease in gas prices. The city saw another one over the weekend.

Currently, most gas stations in Airdrie sit around $154.9 for regular and $195.9 for diesel. The only gas station with a lower price for regular gas is UFA sitting at $140.9.

 About two months ago, Alberta re-implemented the provincial fuel tax at 4.5 cents per litre.

Fuel tax savings are calculated quarterly. Alberta’s government will provide another program update in December.

Comparing to Red Deer, Airdrie is only one cent higher in price as most gas stations sit around 153.9.  Multiple gas stations in Calgary sit around the $144.9 range while Edmonton is around the $139.9 range.

In a previous interview with Patrick De Haan, who is head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy a possible reason why Airdrie is more expensive could be because of how slow gas stations respond to wholesale gas prices. 

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