Starting November 29th, until December 30th, the Airdrie Public Library is having its annual Adopt-A-Book Program.

Kelly Kirkpatrick-Lauzon is the Operations Manager for the Airdrie Public Library as well as the manager in charge of the Adopt-A-Book Program. 

“This campaign helps the library build up our collection, not only for right now but for the future for our community.” 

By collection, Kirkpatrick-Lauzon means anything that's inside the library such as books and materials.

“Basically, what people do, is they come into the library or go online to our website. Someone can adopt online or in-person choosing from a wide selection of books. They can adopt a book in your name, or a person's name of their choosing. 

Kirkpatrick-Lauzon continued on, “this is a wonderful way to support the library, a great stocking stuffer idea, a Christmas gift for family or friends, maybe even a teacher, or other people in your life that are also library lovers.” 

But what does “Adopt-A- Book” really mean? 

“Books that we would choose for the library, we put them into the Adopt-A-book Program. We display them and patrons can peruse all the different titles that are on display. They'll have a price tag on and someone can then take that book, either through online purchase it or at our circulation desk, then adopt it."

You would get a nameplate on the inside of the book with your name or whatever name you chose.

The proceeds from books that are adopted go back into the library and their programs.

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