You probably didn't hear about it, but last Friday, there was a very intense cribbage tournament going on at Cedarwood Station Airdrie RCMP versus local seniors.

The Hamlets at Cedarwood Station seniors had a tough cribbage tournament against our local RCMP, and it may be surprising (or not) that the RCMP was able to sneak out unharmed with the win.

James McConnell, a Corporal with the Airdrie RCMP was one of the officers that got to spend some time playing crib.

"We were invited by members of Cedarwood Station to play some of their residents in crib[bage]. We took the opportunity - five members to take them on in a mini crib tournament. It was a really competitive tournament. We ended up sneaking out a win with the last game played to beat them. 32-33 overall, teams got three points for a win and two points for a skunk."



McConnell was happy to get out of the office and play some crib.

"I think the residents had fun, but I think the officers had more fun. It's just a great way to get out and interact with the community in a positive way."

Jennifer Harbour, the Activities Coordinator at Cedarwood Station explained how much the seniors enjoyed the RCMP coming to visit and play crib.

"Our residents had a great time, they really enjoyed having the RCMP come in, we all got a good chuckle about them coming in full uniforms armed, the handcuffs; the whole bit. Having them come in and spend that time with our residents playing a game so they could really engage and get to know one another. It really was very meaningful to them."

Harbour hopes to see other members of the community including the RCMP come out and play more games with the seniors.

The Airdrie RCMP is always looking to get out and interact with the community.

"If there are residents out there in Airdrie that are looking to engage with the police, we encourage them to give us a shout. We'd love to get out there and spend some time interacting with them."

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