Airdrie Public Library (APL) is bringing back the Book Bike Initiative for its second year in hopes of bringing the library to more Airdronians. 

Eric Pottie, the Programming and Customer Engagement Manager for APL, describes the initiative as a bike-powered pop-up library. The bicycle pulls a street vendor cart full of books, turning the APL mobile.  

The bike allows people to sign up to the library and take out materials the bike has on-site. It also gives members of the community awareness of the library and the chance to engage on the go. 

Pottie and the employees working the bike hope to help people, who may be deterred from going to the library on Main Street, to still get involved with the library by being accessible to the public at many events.  

Pottie recounted a member they had last year, who told them they had been a community member for the past 10 years and they always meant to come to the library but would always remember when the library was closed. Because of the Book Bike, they were able to finally sign up.  

Last year, the bike cycled for two months and engaged with over 900 people with about 90 sign-ups for library cards and 100+ books checked out into the community. 

They are already quickly approaching last year's numbers and hope to surpass them by the end of the month.  

Some of the events they have covered so far with The Book Bike include Airdrie Pride, The Childrens Festival, and the Farmers Market, their main stop, every Wednesday.  

The plan for the Book Bike Initiative is to run into September, weather permitting. 

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