Jim Murphy, President for the Airdrie Pro Rodeo, is happy to say they’re back this year. 

Murphy says despite the Airdrie Pro Rodeo being a smaller event than the infamous Calgary Stampede, the two events have many similarities. 

“The Airdrie Pro Rodeo has the same animals and the same cowboys in the same caliber of show that the Calgary Stampede has. We have a lot of the same competitors. We also get our animals from the same places that they do.” 

Murphy says there's a huge commonality between the two rodeos when they go to buy the tickets to Calgary. If they are rodeo fans, they get the same experience in Airdrie. 

Murphy says the Airdrie Pro Rodeo will feature many well-loved events such as Novice Bareback and Novice Saddle Bronc.  

“We have Tiedown Bareback, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc, Ladies Barrel Racing, Team Roping, Bull Riding. We also have Novice Horse Riding, Peewee Barrels, Junior Barrels, Junior Steer Riding and Junior Bull Riding. We also get the kids involved a little bit.” 

Alongside The Airdrie Pro Rodeo getting ready for its 2022 event, they’re also looking for some new Royalty. 

“Those girls have been hard at it since 2019. They will have a pageant, and hopefully, we’ll get two new young ladies to represent our rodeo for 2022.” 

There are some changes coming to the 2022 Airdrie Pro Rodeo, such as where the rodeo dance will take place. 

“We're trying to move the dance into town for Canada Day. The Rodeo Cabaret is where we're working with the city right now to try and negotiate the use of one of the arenas to have everybody go to the arena and have a dance in there. It's problematic for us to bring people out to the rodeo grounds, we hope to bring the party to the people then the people to the party.” 

The Airdrie Pro Rodeo is in action on July 1 and 2 at the Airdrie Rodeo grounds. 

To sign up to try and be a part of the Royalty and get some more information on the Rodeo, visit their WEBSITE.