According to a recent report,  Airdrie has made the list of the top 25 highest property taxes in Alberta for 2022.

Luckily for Airdrie, it's at the bottom end of that list, sitting in the 23rd spot with a property tax of 0.719270 per cent.

If you were to add this tax onto the average home price, your property tax would be around $3,440, a house assessed at $500,000 the tax would be about $3,596. Going to the seven-figure range, on a house worth $1,000,000, the tax would be about $7,192; if you wanted to go even higher, a house worth 1,500,000, the property tax would be around $10,789.

When it came to the municipalities with the highest property taxes Cold Lake (1.138490 per cent), Grand Prairie (1.257470 per cent) and Wetaskiwin (1.284700 per cent) rounded out the top three.

On the top 25 list, the only other communities with a lower property tax are Canmore (.504508 per cent) and Calgary (.714980).

Chestermere (.719457) and Cochrane (.749470) are on the other side of Airdrie's slightly larger property taxes.

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