This month, Airdrie Municipal Enforcement is highlighting intersection safety.

Maury Karch, the Coordinator for Municipal Enforcement, stated that throughout the city there have been some incidents at specific intersections, but he wants Airdronians to be cognizant of every intersection throughout the city and make sure to be safe.

Karch provided some tips for drivers at intersections.

"Don't speed up to make it through the light. I know one thing we [Municipal Enforcement] try and concentrate on, is the right-hand turn at lights, the light turns yellow, then red, and vehicles will turn right, which is actually an offence; unless if there is an actual merge lane there. By not coming to a complete stop at the light, you risk the possibility of hitting somebody."

Of course, Karch mentioned that when you are turning left, don't be sitting in the middle of the intersection, just stay behind the stop line and wait till the next light if needed.

When it comes to pedestrians walking through intersections, Karch mentioned the most common distraction when people are walking across roadways is cell phones.

"Just be cognizant of the intersection. Try not to be distracted by any outside stuff. Look both ways, especially when you're crossing a road. Just be cognizant that they [the driver of the vehicle] may or may not see you or may be distracted."

Here is a list of tips that were provided by municipal enforcement:

  • Always look before proceeding through an intersection, watching for other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Obey traffic signs and signals. In particular, fully stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • At three and four-way stops, the vehicle that arrived first should proceed first. If two vehicles arrive at the same time, the vehicle on the right should proceed first.
  • Leave ample room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected — pedestrians, changing lights, slippery road conditions, or even other drivers.
  • Pedestrians, make eye contact with drivers ensuring you are seen. Extending your arm and pointing in the direction you wish to proceed shows drivers that you intend to enter a crosswalk.

Karch finished off by mentioning if you can't see very well while driving, for example, the sun is in your eyes, slow down and don't just assume that something isn't in front of you.

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